[lichtrinh]Da Lat[/lichtrinh]
[thoigian] 1 Day, 2 Days, 3 Days, 5 Days[/thoigian]
[khoihanh]Departure Time: 8:30 am[/khoihanh]

[mota]Enjoy a windy ride from Dalat to Nha Trang with breathtaking views of mountain, forest, farm, plantations and villages. Get rewarded with beautiful sceneries at the top. It'll be an informative tour as we'll tell you the stories and fun facts of each place that we'll be visiting. [/mota]
[noibat]   [/noibat]
Price for option 1: 68 usd/pax
Price for option 2, 3, 4: 68 usd/pax/1day
Option 1:
Price Includes: English speaking guide, mortobike or private car, all of entrance fees, drinking water , pick up and drop off at your hotel.
Price excludes: Lunch, ticket for crazy house.
Option 2, 3, 4:
Price Includes:
– Standard Hotels(clean and facility rooms).
– Entrance fees.
– Knowledgeable and experienced tour guide.
– Saddle bags & raincoats, if needed.
– Local coffee or Sugar can juice.
– Motorbike, Gasoline, Helmet.
Price excludes: Food & drinks
Accommodation: Most of the places we are planning for the tour are in countryside therefore hotels and guesthouse are small. But room is standart clean with hot shower, wifi, TV … inside.
This tour could be done from 2 to 4 days even more. It depends on your interest, time..
Option 1 : 1 day trip from Da Lat to Nha Trang.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving: from 4pm to 5.30pm.
What to see: The Old railway station, Dragon pagoda, coffee plantations, flower farms, minority villages, gorgeous views on the top of Khanh Vinh pass.
Absolute best way to travel from Dalat to Nha Trang  is by motorbike, try and find it.
Option 2 : 2 days trip from Da Lat to Nha Trang.
Day 1: Da Lat to Lak Lake ( Jun village ), a small village with mostly M’Nong people living. With a big natural lak ( Lak lake ) nearby, Lak becomes one of the interesting parts of Central Highlands to visit.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving: from 4pm to 5.30pm.
Driving through countryside and mountain areas.
Stop at many places such as elephant waterfall, coffee, tea plantations, beautiful spots for fotos...rice wine making, silk spinning factory, visiting floating village, hilltribe villages..
Day 2: From Lak to Nha Trang.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving time: From 3.30pm to 5pm.
Going through the mountain, rural areas. Stop to visit different ethnic groups, traces of the war, pepper plantation..driving passing Phoenix pass with fantastic views on the site..
Option 3 : 3 days trip from Da Lat to Nha Trang.
Day 1: Da Lat – Lak Lake.
Detail is the same above.
Day 2: Lak – Buon Me Thuot, capital of Central Highland.
We drive through the forest path without many traffic and tourists. Where you visit the most beautiful countryside sceneries and even join in the local people’s life-style.
- Take photos of people farming and fishing.
- Trekking to the top of the Elephant rock mountain..
- Take the Ho Chi Minh Trail to visit Dray Sap, Dray Nu falls.
- Swim in Fairy pool, take a water massage from waterfall.
- Come back to stay at Buon Ma Thuot city.
Day 3: We drive from Buon Me Thuot to Nha Trang city.
Departure: 8am.
Arriving : from 3.30pm to 5pm. Places to visit:.
- Enjoy the best coffee in Vietnam.
- Visit rubber, cashew and black pepper plantations.
- Visit at Ede minority Village on the way - Travel along the Phoenix pass (effected by Agent Orange).
- Stop over at fishing village.
- Cham tower (Champa people).
- We’ll finish the trip in Nha Trang around 4 pm to 5 pm.
Option 4 : 5 days trip from Da Lat to Nha Trang.
Day 1: Da Lat- Bao Loc- a small town, 130km in the South of Da Lat- a tea center.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving time: From 4pm to 5pm depending on how much time you take at the stops on the road.
Places to visit:
The first stop will be a Buddhist temple and then driving through beautiful areas with green pines hills, terraces of vegetable , flower farm, coffee plantation..Visiting Silk spinning center, Elephant waterfall, Mushroom farm. Continually, we will take a small road through a village where you will see how locals make dry noodle..After lunch at a nice view location then brick factory, wet noodle making, tea plantation and pongour waterfall will be places to visit before getting to hotel.
Day 2: Bao Loc - Gia Nghia, border town on the side of the famous Ho Chi Minh trail.
Distance: 135km.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving: from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
Up to the mountain areas, driving through small towns, villages, forest, you will have the chances to contact local people , to experience of different culture as well as to learn more about history of Vietnam.
Day 3: Gia Nghia – Buon Ma Thuot, the Capital of Central Highlands.
Distance: 135km.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving time: From 3.30pm to 5pm.
Take the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail going along the border between Vietnam and Cambodias. More for villages of ethnic minority people, tropical rainforest, local activities and for traditional handicraft and more... You will also see some big and beautiful waterfalls this day.
Day 4: We drive from Buon Ma Thuot (the Capital of Central Highland) to "KrongKmar" is a small waterfall in remote area which belongs to natural Park Chu Yang Sin , Daklak Province.
Distance: 130km.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving time: from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
Off the road, going through the rural areas. You would see how Viet Nam used to be like, as well as how would life there be like. Visiting village of Ede people, local market, Vnamese village, traces of the war and more…

Day 5: We drive from Krongkmar to Nha Trang city.
Distance: 150km.
Departure: 8.30am.
Arriving: from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.
Again rural countryside areas with fascinating landscapes, village of the H’Mong people with different culture, way of life…driving up on a steep pass with the real forest on the sides and breathtaking views of green ( or golden ) ricefields in the valley. Hit up the famous Phoenix pass where you can still see the effect on the areas by Agent Orrange in some parts of the mountains, hills in the surrounding. Stop for Lunch and visiting bricks making before heading Nha Trang.

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