There could be thousands of reasons for the motorcycle lovers to answer the question: why traveling by motorbikes and there must be hundreds of reasons to travel Vietnam by motorbike. Here is just some of reasons collected by experienced team of DaLat Motorbike Tour after many years touring around  Dalat and Vietnam by motorbikes with the travelers all over the world.

1. Good Combination of Adventure and culture discovery.
Unlike any kinds of adventure tours, touring Dalat and Vietnam by motorbikes can help to get inside into the hidden parts of  Dalat and Vietnam. You can have chances to visit tens of different villages with different people within a day ride. You can travel to the furthest lands of Vietnam where no cars or buses can come by taking a Vietnam tour with good motorcycles. Most of motorcycle tours in Vietnam designed by DaLat Motorbike Tour team are to the remote areas where discovering the colorful local culture is the quality of the tours. Do joining any motorbike tour with us then you’ll find the great combination of adventure and culture discovering.
2. Good Meals
At the important International Conference of the New Marketing for the New Age in 2007 in Vietnam – The founder of modern marketing Philip Kotler said – “Vietnam should be the kitchen of the World” . He wanted to mean that Vietnam has been being known more and more for street and fresh local traditional food should be more famous and could make Vietnam healthier for the country’s economy by making plenty of good food for the people in the world. Traveling Vietnam by motorbike or car and bus, you can also have chance to experience the local cuisine but touring around Vietnam by motorcycles, riding to the heart of the countryside or remote areas of the country you will see the difference between the fresh food cooked by the local and the regular Vietnamese food cooked by the city chief or even foreign chief in a luxury restaurant. Beside a delicious food, we – the experienced tour guides will tell stories of how to make it or relating to the local people who make the food live with those food for whole life. The good meal is not the one with only good food!
3. Beautiful Routes
Vietnam is obviously a beautiful country with a lot of natural and cultural world heritages such as Ha Long Bay, Hoi An… Some people said if you’ve never been to Halong Bay it means you’ve never been in Vietnam. But this saying should be changed into if you’ve never been to remote mountainous areas in Vietnam, it means you’ve never seen the real Vietnam. It’s true that remote areas where you can only travel to by motorcycles is a land of beautiful mountain view and rich tradition. We are always dedicated to the ideal that doing motorcycle tours in Vietnam to offers somethings totally different from a regular bus and car tours can offer. Our destinations could be the same but the quality of the trip for us is not the destination, it’s all about the roads and the ways we get there. We’ll do our best to take you on the safest and most scenic possible roads.
4. Friendly Locals and Motorbike Shop Everywhere
Internet is popular everywhere but the reliable information about Vietnam or some hidden parts of Vietnam is quite rare. We did travel Vietnam by motorbike for many years to furthest parts of the Country and figured out the furthest lands you come to, the most friendly people you’ll meet. It’s not the the reason that we’re all Vietnamese because for most of them we are strangers, we can’t talk to each other just because of different dialects. However, we can easily smiling at each others and communicate to each others with body languages. Don’t worry about the friendliness of the locals just motorcycle touring as far as you can in Vietnam.
What’s more, Vietnam is a kingdom of motorbikes/scooters. you can easily find a motorbike/scooter mechanics in any villages and every kilometer of the road. You don’t a have bike at home so you do not need to know about the bike as a mechanic but you completely can do a motorbike tour in Vietnam as you can solve any problem with the bikes. Plenty of bike shops, friendly motorbike mechanics in Vietnam are ready to help you to have a great motorcycle ride in Vietnam.
5. Flexibility
Touring by motorbike is totally much more flexible than doing tours by bus, cars or trains…. You can go fast or slow, riding on the smooth free ways or crossing the rivers or getting inside the jungles, you can stop any where to take pictures quickly or stop the bikes on the roadside for a long trek up hills. It’s true to say traveling by a fancy bus with an AC is like staying home and watch a movie and traveling by motorbike is like an actor in the movie. An actor can do everything with his life and his film but the audiences just sit quiet there and wait… Above are some reasons to travel Vietnam by motorbike collected by the team of Dalat Motobike Tour, if you think they’re true, please don’t forget to join us with a motorcycle tour in Dalat and from Dalat to everywhere in Vietnam.


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