Dalat Railway Station

Dalat Railway Station retains the unique cog railroad in the world. Thanks to its unique and impressive records in French-style architectural overall in Dalat, Dalat Railway Station has long been an indispensable tourist attraction when going to Dalat.

Dalat Railway Station is situated in ward 10, Dalat city, Lam Dong province, Vietnam. The station started its construction in 1932 and completed in 1938. With a total length of 87km railway from Phan Rang to Dalat, the station is strongly influenced by unique French architecture. This is the first time the architectural art and significance of the works have been shown when building an architectural works. Dalat Railway Station was recognized as national cultural historical relics by Ministry of Culture - Information. Along with Hai Phong Railway Station, Dalat Train Station is the oldest railway station in Vietnam whose locomotive used steam engine. It is one of the most appealing attractions in Dalat alluring numerous tourists.

A corner of Dalat Train Station

A corner of Dalat Train Station - Source: Image from Flickr

Dalat, a highland city has long been considered as an oasis in the mountain. In spite of a city in Vietnam, Dalat brings the breath of France, the climate of France and strongly influences French architectural style. Typical for classical French architecture in Dalat cannot fail to mention Dalat Railway Station. The station is a charming and unique architectural works. It is the harmonious combination between Western architecture and architecture of Highland communal house. In particular, Dalat Train Station has been owner of record series such as the Vietnam's highest railway station thanks to its altitude 1,500 m above sea level, the most beautiful train station with the most unique architecture in Indochina or unique railway station. Discovering Dalat Railway Station is definitely one of the most unforgettable things to do in Dalat.

Interior inside Dalat Train Station

Interior inside Dalat Train Station - Source: Image from Flickr

Just far about 5 km from the city center adjacent Yersin High School on a long flat hillside, Dalat Train Station has long become one of must-see Dalat attractions. The railway station is 66 m long, 11.5 m wide and 11 m high. The facade of the station symbolizes the summer; meanwhile, the clock on the top reminds tourists to recall the time that Doctor A. Yersin first set foot on conquering Lang Biang Plateau: 15:30 21th June 1936. In particular, the deepest impression is the architecture of 3 consecutive roof apexes representing 3 peaks of Lang Biang Mountain or the roof of communal house in Highlands. Corresponding to these 3 roof apexes is 3 windows with small glass windows creating the airy space for whole building. It is unique architectural features that contribute to promote Dalat Train Station to become one of the indispensable tourist sites in Dalat travel.

Lounge at Dalat Raiway Station

Lounge at Dalat Raiway Station - Source: Image from Flickr

French architecture clearly presents in the design of dome harmonizing with the characteristics in Dalat. The owners of the ingenious design are 2 French architects, namely Moncet and Reveron.  Interior space is illuminated by shimmering multi-colored glass windows at the foot of the roofs. It is waiting room for passengers, a large space with angular lines and a straight decorative motifs both majestic, serene and extremely subtle. It is worth the building retaining beautiful and unique architecture in Dalat city and even in Vietnam. Dalat Train Station has been previously considered as one of the most beautiful railway station in Indochina. The journey of exploring Dalat tours will be definitely much more memorable when tourists set foot on impressive Dalat Railway Station.

Rail cars at Dalat Railway Station

Rail cars at Dalat Railway Station - Source: Image from Flickr

Dalat Railway Station is initially located in Phan Rang - Da Lat railway route with a total length of 84 km. After 1975, with the rise of passenger transport by car, Dalat Railway Station had been gradually put into past and only truly be awakened in the year of 90s. This is the phase that the station was added to the list exploiting to serve the needs of going sightseeing and traveling. As “the princess sleeping in the woods" awakened after a long sleep nearly 20 years, Dalat Railway Station has illuminated its vitality. Dalat - Trai Mat railway route is put into operation daily from 8 am to 6 pm every half an hour per turn to serve tourists to go sightseeing and visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda. The distance is only 7 kilometers long and it takes about 30 minutes to arrive, yet offering wonderful experiences when the train goes through the streets full of fresh pine groves.

Inside Dalat Railway Station

Inside Dalat Railway Station - Source: Image from Flickr

Dalat Railway Station is now the ideal address to photograph the wedding of the couple to record sacred moments right at the old trains existing over the time. Young people also come Dalat Railway Station to explore and take beautiful photos. Retaining the unique and impressive records along with its magnificent beauty, Dalat Railway Station is worth a must-see tourist site in the journey of exploring Dalat tour. The station thus displays its significant contributions in promoting Dalat tourism closer to both domestic and international tourists.

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