Vietnam is a country which situates in the South East Asia. Vietnam geography shapes S-letter and devided into three parts: Northern part, Middle part and Southern one. Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam but it isn't the biggest city. Ho Chi Minh city is the largest city in Vietnam. 

Vietnam has a long-lasting history with over four thousand years. There are 54 ethnic groups and the Kinh is the largest group. All the ethnic groups live peacfully under a common roof - Vietnam country.

Vietnam is a country with a special culure. From the Hung King Dynasty - the first Dynasty of Vietnam - our ancestors celebrated Tet Holiday every year. In the Tet, we cooked Banh Chung and Banh Tet, two special dishes made from sticky rice to offer our ancestors. Thousand years have passed and this nice cultural feature has been kept untill now.

Vietnamese people are intelligent, hard working and thirsty for moving up. Throughout history, we have had a large number of great man achieving the world fame. Tran Hung Dao and Vo Nguyen Giap are the two world military talents. Ho Chi Minh was world cutural great man...

Our country situates in the center of the world sea-route. Vietnam has more than three thousand kilometers of coast with abundant tourism and sea food potentialities.

In the war time, Vietname is a small country, but we never step back. Both the French and the USA army became our defeaters. 

Nowadays, we are building our country to become richer, more becautiful as the strong wish from Mr. Ho Chi Minh.

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